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Paper Tea Filter Bags



Paper Tea Filter Bags

Paper Tea Filter Bags are very popular in Europe where they are environmentally conscious.  In London, we were served our tea in a cup in these Paper Tea Bags at many restaurants.  We use them in our store when we make our daily samples and need to make a larger quantity.  We also use them whenever we have an especially fine tea where we want to filter out tea leaves, or mate leave which can get through a mesh tea ball.

These filters make it easy to make a cup or more of loose tea without having to worry about rinsing out a pincher ball, infuser basket or loose tea in a pot.  Just spoon in 1-3 teaspoons of loose tea for 1 to 3 cups brewed tea (a bit more for herbal teas), place in your tea cup or tea pot. Pour your hot water in the cup or pot and when done steeping, just remove the filter bag and either dispose of it or if you are going to use the tea for multiple infusions, set the filter aside on a tea bag plate until needed.

These filters also make it convenient to recycle your tea leaves when done since the bag is biodegradable and can be mulched in your garden for a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer.

These filters are also perfect for your finer grade teas and herbals since they won’t allow any tea leaves to escape into your cup.

If you want to ensure the filters are easy to retrieve from your cup or pot, we carry Tea Bag Filter Clips.  Click on the link to check them out.  They are functional, inexpensive and save you from having to fish the bags out if they slump into the water.

Of course, you can always keep a Pincer Ball on hand, which is still a very convenient way to steep your tea.

The Paper Tea Filter Bags come in packs of 100 for your convenience.

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