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Porcini Mushroom Powder




Porcini Mushroom Powder

Porcini Mushroom Powder is made from dried porcini mushrooms. It is an easy way to add this wonderful, Earthy, umami, mushroom flavor to any recipe, without using whole or sliced mushrooms.

The mushroom powder is very fine, so it blends into sauces, cheese mixtures, soups, bread dough and more without altering the texture.

Porcini Mushrooms are most connected to Italy, where they are grown and used in great abundance. They are also grown in many other countries, including the United States.

You will find Porcini Powder in risottos, gravies and pasta sauces where you want the want the goodness of the mushroom flavor. You can also use the Porcini Powder as a steak or chicken rub, or blended into other spice blends. We’re sure you’ll find more ways to us it.

We have a wonderful Mushroom Risotto recipe, which uses Porcini Powder in addition to fresh mushrooms.  The mushroom powder adds the fuller Porcini flavor, which makes it a great side dish to your Italian entree, like Chicken Piccata, and a hit with your dinner guests.

Contains: Porcini Mushrooom

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