Tea Trivia Playing Cards



Tea Trivia Playing Cards

Tea Trivia Playing Cards are not just fun playing cards, with cute tea-drinking animals and tea trivia on them. They are serious playing cards of collector quality. These playing cards are made by the United States Playing Card Company (USPC), to the same exacting standards used in casinos and world-class magicians around the world.

These Tea Trivia Playing Cards are the perfect gift for the tea drinker who wants to learn some fun tea facts while playing a card game with their friends. They are also a thoughtful gift for playing card collectors and magician friends. They all like unique looking cards. Being made by USPC make them very desirable due to the high quality of the card.

Each Face Card has an adorable animal enjoying a cup of tea. Each Number Card has a different tea trivia fact on it. On the back of each card is a beautiful teapot. And the Joker is a Fox, known as The Trickster (just as the coyote is known in the Southwest), who is also enjoying a cup of tea.

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