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Baltique Birchwood Utensils


Baltique Birchwood Utensils

These beautiful Baltique Birchwood Utensils will make your cooking more fun. They also make wonderful gifts for the chef in your life. They are made from laminated birchwood, and come in 2 colors. One is shades of blue and the other is a rainbow of colors. They look so good, you won’t to hide them in a drawer. You’ll want to show them off in your kitchen when not in use.

The individual utensils are: a Spatula, Spurtle, Slotted Spoon, Spoon, Slotted Spatula, and a 2 in 1 Measuring Spoon. In addition to the individual utensils, they also come in a 7 Piece Set, which also has a Spreader as part of the collection.

Due to the limited number of these beautiful utensils we were able to bring in, they are only available for sale in our store. Here are the styles and prices:

Malta Blue
9.95   Birchwood Utensils Malta Spatula
11.95  Birchwood Utensils Malta Spurtle
9.95   Birchwood Utensils Malta Slotted Spoon
9.95   Birchwood Utensils Malta Spoon
9.95   Birchwood Utensils Malta Slotted Spatula
64.95 Birchwood Utensils Malta 7 Piece Set

Marrakesh Rainbow
9.95   Birchwood Utensils Marrakesh Spatula
11.95  Birchwood Utensils Marrakesh Spurtle
9.95   Birchwood Utensils Marrakesh Slotted Spoon
9.95   Birchwood Utensils Marrakesh Spoon
9.95   Birchwood Utensils Marrakesh Slotted Spatula
9.95   Birchwood Utensils Marrakesh 2 in 1 Measuring Spoon
64.95 Birchwood Utensils Marrakesh 7 Piece Set

Materials: Birchwood
Care: Hand wash with mild detergent, then towel dry. Do not soak in or wash in a dishwasher.
Sizes: 8″ to 13″ Long, depending on the utensil

Additional information

Baltique Birchwood Utensils

Malta Spatula, Malta Spurtle, Malta Slotted Spoon, Malta Spoon, Malta Slotted Spatula, Malta 7 Piece Set, Marrakesh Spatula, Marrakesh Spurtle, Marrakesh Slotted Spoon, Marrakesh Spoon, Marrakesh Slotted Spatula, Marrakesh 2 in 1 Measuring Spoon, Marrakesh 7 Piece Set

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