Rick’s Casablanca Seasoning




Rick’s Casablanca Seasoning

Influenced by the liberal use of paprika in Moroccan cooking, Rick’s Casablanca Seasoning is one of the Sheffield’s personal favorite, small batch blends used around their kitchen. The versatility will amaze your senses. Rub liberally on beef roasts & steaks, pork tenderloins & chops, and as a chicken seasoning. We also use it in Chicken Marsala and on Tri Tip. On shrimp, scallops or with any of your favorite fish, it’s a perfect savory blend to compliment all your recipes.

The piquant touch of the sweet paprika and cayenne will awaken every dish. Great in Cajun & Creole recipes. It livens up grilled or steamed vegetables. Sprinkle on your French Fries and potato dishes. Makes a great all-purpose season so keep a bottle on your table and surprise your friends and family.

For a great Prime Rib or Tenderloin Roast, rub a Standing Rib or Tenderloin Roast with oil.  Liberally rub Rick’s Casablanca on the roast and brown well in a pan on all sides.  Coat with Dijon mustard, then pack freshly grated horseradish root on the outside.  Roast at 300 degrees until done to your taste.  We prefer medium-well.  Roasted “low and slow” gives you a flavorful roast, minimal shrinkage and a flavor which will please even your most discriminating guest.  And the gravy you can make from the drippings…..

Ingredients: Sweet Spanish Paprika, Sea Salt, Garlic Powder, Black Pepper, Onion Powder, Cayenne Pepper, Oregano and Thyme.

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