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Clotted Cream


Because Clotted Cream needs to be kept refrigerated, when we have it in stock, it is for sale in our store only, and we cannot ship it.

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Clotted Cream

Devon Clotted Cream has been produced for generations in the counties of Devon and Cornwall in South West England. It is produced using milk from cows, similar to American jersey cattle, whose milk has a very high butterfat content. Traditionally, the cream was skimmed from the top of the milk and gently heated in shallow copper pans for at least an hour until the surface became encrusted with a rich golden top. It was then left to cool and used the next day with scones, already spread with jam and served with piping hot tea. A great British tradition! Commercially prepared clotted cream has been gently heat treated for a longer shelf life and is packaged in hermetically sealed jars without the encrusted top layer.

Describing clotted cream is more difficult. Too thick to pour, but too thin to slice, it is similar to butter, but tastes like cream not fat. Unlike crème fraiche, which has a faint sour tang, clotted cream is rich with the natural sweetness of cream. It is more like a very soft whipped cream without the air, with a very smooth and light taste. Our clotted cream has a 55% milk fat content and is similar in taste and texture to Double Devon cream which has a 48% milk fat content.

We don’t always stock Clotted Cream since our supplier won’t ship it during the hotter months so please be patient if we are out of stock.  We love it as much as you do, so we try to carry as as often as we are able to have it shipped in, since it does originate in Devon, England. 

Of course you need something wonderful on which to put your dollop of Clotted Cream, which is why we carry a line of delicious Scones.  The flavors vary throughout the year, and they are all heavenly and easy to make.  A cup of heavy cream and that’s all that is needed.  Check them out HERE.

We also carry Tiptree Lemon Curd, and Tiptree Orange Marmalade.  What better besides Clotted Cream for your scones or biscuits than a fresh marmalade or lemon curd?  Nothing!

Ingredients: Pasteurized clotted cream, from cows milk. Each jar contains 6 oz. Made in England.  Refrigerate after opening.

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