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Ground Ginger



Ground Ginger

Ground Ginger is a versatile savory spice that can be used to add flavor, smooth out flavors or enhance flavors.  Ginger is a staple ingredient in Asian cuisine and baking.

In Chinese cuisine Ground Ginger is used in Chinese Five Spice Powder and for adding flavor to sauces and soups that have long cooking times.  In Japanese cuisine, Ginger is used ground, sliced and pickled, as you find in Sushi.

In India and Sri Lanka Ground Ginger is used in curries, desserts, snacks, stir-fries and teas. In the Caribbean, dried ginger is found in curries, marinades, ginger ale and stews. In Scandinavia it is popular in gingerbread and in ginger cakes. In the Middle East it is used in the popular spice blends of Berbere Spice.

In the US it is added to cakes, cookies, fish soup, ice cream, gingerbread, marmalade, pickles, pies, puddings, sausages and teas.  We also use it in our Apple Pie Spice Blend, Pumpkin Pie Spice and Gingerbread Spice Blend.  Take a look at our Gingerbread Coffee Cake if you are looking for a tasty recipe.

We also carry Crystallized Ginger.

Contains: Ginger

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