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Ganz Charms

Ganz Charms and Ganz Stone Charms are little reminders to carry with you or give as gifts. Carry in your pocket, in your purse, place on your desk, dresser, nightstand, these charms are collectable. You might want to collect the cute little creatures because they will make a great addition to your collection. You might like the inspirational messages on others because they touch you, resonate a message or point in your life, or just like the sentiment. For whatever your reason, they became very popular the very day we brought them into our store.

Each little Charm is about ½” to 1″ in size. Made of quality materials, some are enameled, others are not, they are designed and made to give you years of happiness and enjoyment. They really need to be seen in person to be appreciated as their quality. Please read the note at the bottom of the page on ordering online, which we don’t recommend.

Choose between, Acorns, the Bluebird of Happiness, Dragonfly, Lady Bugs, Lucky Little Duck, Llamas, Lucky Little Frog, Lucky Little Owl or the Lucky Turtle. The beautiful Butterflies each have their own message.

We also carry the Lucky Little Stone Charms. These are about 1 ½” tall and just as cute. These make perfect little gifts for yourself or others to sit on their desk, dresser, curio cabinet, or to carry around in your purse. Any cute way to expand your charm collection.

In the Lucky Little Stone Charms, choose between the Stone Bunny, Stone Springtime Bunny, Stone Chick and Stone Frog.

Note: Each of the Butterflies have different inspirational words or sayings on them. We sell a lot of charms, so our online inventory is not accurate at times. We also buy these charms as groups, not with individual sayings, which is why they aren’t shown individually, but as a group. If you order the Butterflies, or others which have the inspirational words or sayings on them, we will send you one from the group of our selection. If you want to order a specific one with a specific saying shown in the image, you must call, email or contact us first to confirm we have it in stock. If you don’t contact us to check our stock, then we will select one of our choice. Please note, these charms cannot be returned for these reasons.