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Ground Sumac




Ground Sumac

Ground Sumac is ground, dried Sumac Berries which grow on a bush native to Middle Eastern countries. The berries turn bright red in the fall, which is when they are picked for processing. Sumac imparts a sourness to dishes.

It is one of the ingredients in the blend Za’atar, which is found throughout the Middle East. Sumac is used on salads, meats, fish stew and rice. It is sprinkled on a mixture of sliced onions and yogurt and served as a side dish commonly eaten with kebabs. It is often used when tartness is needed in the dish, just as we add lemon.  It can also be sprinkled on Greek Tzatziki Sauce.

Mixed with strained yogurt as a topping, or sprinkle on Labneh, which is a yogurt cheese and used as a spread. Sumac can be added to spice blends, marinades, BBQ rubs or just rubbed on steaks, chicken or fish prior to grilling.  We have a Za’atar Chicken recipe, which highlights the tang of the sumac.

It is also used as a tabletop condiment in Middle Eastern countries and in Turkey served along with crushed Urfa Biber chile peppers just as we use salt and pepper.

We blend our own Lebanese Za’atar which makes liberal use of grounds sumac, adding the needed bitter, lemony touch to the blend.  You then liberally sprinkle the Za’atar on Pita Bread, after you have lightly brush olive oil, then broiled until it just starts to bubble.  A staple dish in Lebanon and other Middle Eastern countries.  Check out our Pita Bread recipe and Herbed Za’atar  Pita Bread.

Contains: Ground Sumac.

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Ground Sumac
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