Lace Tea Infuser



Lace Tea Infuser

Our Lace Tea Infuser is an all stainless steel infuser basket with a stainless steel drip bowl. The drip bowl acts as a lid to help keep the water hot while steeping and protect your surface after steeping. At 2.95″ tall, it sits deep in a cup or tea pot. The side handles span the cup or pot so that it sits over your water while steeping. Because it could get damaged in a dishwasher, it should only be hand washed.

Many tea drinkers prefer a tea infuser basket to a pincer ball since it allows the tea leaves to mingle while steeping. Part of the tea experience is watching the tea leaves open and unfold in the hot water, making it an experience in itself. When you learn the art and history of tea, you learn about lea leaf styles including their shape, how the tea is processed and whether it is rolled or otherwise handled after it leaves the field. All these factors affect how the tea looks once dried and while it steeps. The open infuser basket lets you observe the tea as it opens.

We have other infuser baskets which work in the same manner, just have different looks to match your preferences. We have a Tea Pot Infuser, which looks similar to this Lace model, except that the side handles look like the spout and handle of a tea pot.

We have many more styles of infusers and pincer tea balls. We have versions which sit on top of your cup or pot, and other infusers which sit inside your cup or pot. For our complete line, please click HERE.

Our line up changes over time and many tea drinkers collect infusers as a hobby. Keep checking back with us to see what new infusers we are carrying.

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