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Lavender Buds




Lavender Buds

Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia) produces beautiful petite flowers that have a strong fragrance and have uses medicinally as well as in the kitchen. It imparts a delicate flavor to vinaigrette salad dressings and light marinades. Lavender buds are used as a cooking herb, in desserts and in teas. Used by many top chefs, Lavender can be found in many savory recipes where a floral flavor is needed. Be careful though, a little can still be very intense.

Lavender Buds are the cornerstone herb in the French blend called Herbs de Provence. Provence is known for it’s lavender, hence the use of the word “Provence” whenever lavender is an ingredient, such as in Earl Grey Provence tea. It is also believed to be a relaxing herb and is often times brewed into tea with Chamomile and other herbal teas. Lavender is often dried and added to wreaths or dried flower arrangements.

Add a bit to ice creams, as a cake decoration topping or in homemade creams. The flavor is heavenly. Just go easy since the intensity of the flavor can be an acquired taste.

If you love lavender in your tea, we blend several, including Peaceful Sundown Herbal Tea, Provence Black Tea, Earl Grey Citrus Provence, and Hearts of Sage White Tea.

Contains: Food Grade Lavender

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Lavender Buds
Lavender Buds