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Nirvana Tea


The 16 oz size includes a 15% discount.


Nirvana Tea

Nirvana Tea, was the first small-batch tea blend we crafted, and it was an instant hit. We blend it from green teas and herbs to give a Lemony and Spearmint taste. We wanted a blend which would appeal to some of our personal, favorite flavors and of our clients, namely mint and citrus. The flavors don’t overpower your taste buds yet lingers for a very satisfying cup.

We started with several green teas to provide a base which would shine through regardless of the flavors we added.  We then blended in a generous amount of Spearmint and Lemongrass to achieve the flavor we were after.  The Spearmint and Lemongrass we use, both have very heady aromas which come through in the cup and on your palate.

Since it’s introduction, it has been a constant favorite of our customers. Try it and see why it became an instant hit.

If you love herbal teas, teas with spearmint, rose, chamomile or lavender, please take a look at our Peaceful Sundown Tea.  The relaxing properties and flavor makes it one of our most popular teas.

Our Lemony Comfort Tea is another favorite of our friends.  The lemon flavor is crafted using several lemon-flavored herbs for entire lemony experience.

We also crafted our Licorice Mint Relaxing Spa Tea as a compliment to our herbal tea line when you just want a relaxing cup of tea without the caffeine.

Steeping Instructions
Hot tea brewing method: Put 1 slightly heaping tsp of loose tea for each 8oz of water in the cup or teapot. Pour the boiled but slightly cooled water over tea. Steep 3 to 7 minutes. Milk and Sugar are not recommended. Makes a wonderful Iced Tea as well.

Iced Tea: For a Liter or quart use 2 heaping Tbsp. of loose tea into teapot. Pour 1 1/4 cup boiling water on tea. Steep 5 minutes. Quarter fill serving pitcher straining tea. Add Ice. Top up with cold water, garnish & sweeten to taste.

Contains: Luxury green tea, Lemongrass and Spearmint

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nirvana tea
Nirvana Tea