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Spice and Herb Grinder Bottle



Spice and Herb Grinder Bottle

We get many requests for a Spice and Herb Grinder Bottle which can be used to grind different types of spices and herbs.  This includes spices and herbs such as minced garlic and onion, dried chives, Italian herbs, oregano, coriander seeds, mustard seeds, Chile Pepper flakes and other herbs and spices. We feel this Spice Grinder bottle is just the one for you, whether you are a weekend warrior or an accomplished chef, these bottles are indispensable. Store your dried spices in these bottles if you want them fresh ground, or use when needed for a few grinds.

These bottles are clear glass with a black polypropylene grinder cap, with a removable cover over the grinding mechanism. They produce a consistent fine grind and are not adjustable.

We’ve tried many spices and herbs in them and are very satisfied with the grind results. You never know when you need a grind of some dried spice or herb in your dish.

Capacity and Size 100ml (approx. 3.4 ounces) 4.2″ x 1.75″

We also carry empty Half Cup 4 Ounce and Quarter Cup 2 Ounce Spice jars.

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spice and herb grinder bottle
Spice and Herb Grinder Bottle