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Yun Wu Green Tea


The 16 ounce size reflects a 15% discount.


Yun Wu Green Tea

Yun Wu Green Tea, also known as Cloud Mist Tea or Clouds and Mist Tea, gets its name from the 1500 to 2000 feet altitude at which it is cultivated in the Mount Lu (Lushan) area of the Zhejiang province. In that province at that altitude, there are many clouds which shroud the tea gardens. The clouds provide a layer of mist, keeping the tea bushes moister, and providing more shade, keeping the direct sunlight off the leaves. They can have up 200 days a year with this layer of clouds surrounding the upper mountain elevations.

This beautiful tea is a result of this weather and location. The leaf is curly when processed and not flat as many green teas. It has a milder, almost sweet quality with vegetal flavors and not quite as grassy as many other green teas you encounter. We have many friends who like the grassier notes, but that is also offsetting to others, who prefer this style and flavor characteristic in a green tea.

The leaf color is a jade green and steeps to a golden yellow. It really is a special tea. You’ll find you can 2 or 3, even more steepings from the leaves. You’ll know when you have steeped the sufficiently when the flavor has dissipated.

If you are a fan of unflavored green teas, we have an excellent selection to suit your many tastes. Our Japanese Style Kakagawa is reminiscent of what you might enjoy is a Chinese restaurant. Our Gyokuro, Fukamushi  Sencha, Bancha, and Genmaicha teas, which we import directly from several Japanese families, and what you would enjoy at some Japanese restaurants both here and in Japan. We also have Houjicha and Kukicha Twig Tea, both also from our Japanese families, and both having unique characteristics and flavors. We have other many other plain green teas and a very large selection of flavored ones.  We also directly import Ceremonial grade of Matcha.

Hot tea brewing method: Place 1 slightly heaping teaspoon of loose tea, for each 8 oz cup of water in the teapot/cup. Pour boiling water over tea and steep for 2-3 minutes.

Contains: Green Tea

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