Cream Earl White Tea


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Cream Earl White Tea

Our Cream Earl White Tea has the flavor you look for in a Cream Earl Grey Tea, but blended with a touch of Jasmine and Mallow blossoms for extra flavor, all with a Pai Mu Tan White Tea. When combined with the Bergamot flavor, you won’t believe what a wonderful, perfumy, full scent you first experience as you raise your cup to your nose. If you love Cream Earl Grey, then your first taste will not just remind of you the taste you desire, but the extra touch of vanilla will other flavors add an almost creamy touch to the tea.

You will most like likely want to check our our other teas in this line. We carry our regular Earl Grey, Earl Grey Teabags, Cream Earl Grey, Decaffeinated Earl Grey and Earl Grey Green Tea. They are all wonderful flavors and a must for EG aficionados.

To Prepare:
Hot tea brewing method: Put 1 slightly heaping tsp. of loose tea for each 8oz of water in the teapot. Pour the boiled but slightly cooled water over tea. Steep 3 to 7 minutes. Milk and Sugar are not recommended. Since this tea is not as compacted as a green or black tea is, you might need to use a bit extra tea to achieve the full flavor you desire.

Contains: White Tea, Vanilla Pieces, Flavoring, White Cornflower Blossoms, Chinese Jasmine Blossoms and Mallow Blossoms.

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