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Galangal Root Powder



Galangal Root Powder

Galangal Root Powder is also known as Galanga, Lesser Galangal, Thai Ginger, Kha and other names. Galangal is part of the ginger family, so it is a rhizome, grows underground and resembles ginger root. And although it is in the ginger family, it is quite different than ginger in taste. It is found in many Southeast Asian cuisines, mainly Thai, but also Vietnamese, Laotian, Indonesian, and Malaysian. To a lesser extent it is used in Indian and Chinese cooking even though it is grown extensively in China. The taste is very sharp and spicy, with a peppery flavor. It is very aromatic, with piney overtones, which adds the characteristic aroma associated with Thai dishes.

As a fresh spice, it is found whole, as you find whole ginger root. The problem is that you can’t find it fresh in many markets. That is why you find it as a dried spice. We sell Galangal Root pieces, which can be cut up into smaller pieces or ground in a spice/coffee grinder, depending what your recipe calls for. Besides, it is better to grind it yourself since it can lose its pungency rather fast. Unless it is cut into small pieces or ground, it is usually removed from the dish before serving.

Galangal is used in many different types of dishes, since it adds its unique spiciness to meats, fish, vegetables, soups and so much more in these Southeast Asian cuisines. Among the wide variety of dishes in which it is used, you will find it in Thai Chicken Curry, Curried Beef Stew, Thai Tom Yum soup, Malaysian Beef Curry, Green Curry Paste, Yellow Curry Paste, Satays (skewered beef and other meats) and Sambals (Thai hot sauces).

Galangal Root has been used for medicinal purposes in many Asian, European and Middle Eastern cultures. In these cultures, it is commonly used for stomach and indigestion ailments. It is also used for arthritis and other joint inflammation as well as to treat stomach aches, hiccups and nausea. Of course we don’t recommend nor endorse its use as a treatment.

Contains: Galangal Root

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