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Madras Curry Powder



Madras Curry Powder

Curry Powders are blends that are filled with much history and misunderstanding.  We hand-crafted our Madras Curry Powder to retain the flavors one expects with such a history-rich spice blend.

While many assume that Curry is an Indian spice it is actually a British concoction dating back to their early involvement in the Indian spice trade in the 18th century. The local Indians would grind their spices up as they were needed for each meal enabling them to carefully select the various flavors used for each dish. The British however didn’t understand the individual nuances of this process and just referred to all dishes as “curry”.

Use Madras Curry Powder to season dal, a lentil soup popular all over South Asia. Curry can also be added to cooking vegetables and is great when combined with tomatoes, saffron and cream. Blend Curry with some melted butter and brush on fish before grilling or broiling. Curry is also good on roasted potatoes.

Madras Curry is a more complex, salt free style of curry, so you might want to try various curries so that you can understand how they differ based on the variety of spices used.

In addition to our Madras Curry Powder, we have a good selection of other Curry Spices, created and small-batch blended from our own recipes. Because of the complexity of curries, we are especially pleased not just at the results, but also from the loyal following they have all found with our customers.

Please try our Vadouvan Curry, Madras, Maharajah, Garam Masala, Colombo Powder, Tandoori, Red Thai Curry and Green Thai Curry Blends.  We also have a selection of North African, Moroccan and Middle Eastern blends such as our own Ethiopian Berbere Spice, Lebanese Za-atar, and Harissa blends.

Ingredients: Turmeric, Fenugreek, Cumin, Allspice, Coriander, Cinnamon, Garlic, Ginger, and Cardamom and Spices.

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