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Granulated Honey


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Granulated Honey

Granulated Honey, or Honey in general, has a long history. Historians and Archeologists have been able to trace the human gathering and use of honey for at least 8000 years. A cave painting in Spain shows this. Honey has also been found in ancient Egyptian tombs. It is one a few foods which does not spoil and while this ancient honey wasn’t what you might cook with today, it was still edible. Besides being used as a sweetener, it has also been used in various medicinal traditions to treat ailments as well as in some religious rituals.

Granulated Honey can be used for cooking and in beverages when you want the honey flavor and don’t or can’t use fresh honey. Our friends buy it to sweeten their tea, lemonade and other drinks where they want the honey flavor. It is also used in baked goods, spice blends, BBQ sauces and marinades.

Since honey cannot be dried outright, it does have to be combined with some sugar. It then goes through a drying process and is then broken into granules or powdered. This process retains the honey flavor but making it easier to handle and store.

Because of its consistency it is ideal to use in rub blends, and it blends well with other rub ingredients while keeping its sticky nature when used in cooking, making it a favorite ingredient of ours. The heat of the grill will let the granulated honey to glaze very nicely. One of our favorite dry rubs with this heavenly ingredient is Chipotle Honey Rub.

Ingredients: Honey and Sugar.

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