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Spice Set Gift Boxes



Spice Set Gift Boxes

Our Spice Set Gift Boxes are perfect for gift giving all year long. Whether you’re giving one for a special occasion, like a birthday, anniversary, house warming, or just because, we have a varied selection, each containing some of our most popular spice blends. They are sure to please everyone from a new cook to a top chef. Here are the gift sets we currently have.

BBQ Rub Set
Enjoy your favorite BBQ with our most popular BBQ Rubs. They add fantastic flavor to your Pork, Chicken, Beef, Fish or anything you BBQ or grill. This set contains our North Carolina BBQ Rub,  Memphis BBQ Rub, St. Louis BBQ Rub and The “Other” BBQ Rub.

Chicken Lovers
4 of our most popular chicken seasonings. A variety of Sweet, Hot, & Smokey blends including our famous Chipotle Honey. Here is what you’ll find. Chipotle Honey Rub, Kicken’ Chicken, Sweet Tweety and British Pub Chicken Seasoning.

Chunnel Box
I say, Guv’nor… Looking for a spot-on gift for the cook with tastes are on both sides of the Channel? Look no further, mate. Here are two of our most popular blends for chicken, fish, veggies, potatoes, and so much more. You’ll get our British Pub Chicken Seasoning and Parisian Café.

Fiery Hot Chile Pepper Sampler
From Very Hot to Fiery Hot, this sampler of Hot Chile Pepper Powders is sure to please any Chilehead. Take a look at what we include in this set. Jalapeno Chile, Habanero Chile, Ghost Pepper Chile and Carolina Reaper Chile.

Fun Name Box
Fun names but tasty blends to liven up your creations. These are some of our most popular blends. Find out why. Here’s what we have in this set. Tippin’ Cows Steak Seasoning, Flipping the Bird, Kicken’ Chicken and Wild & Crazy Salmon.

Mediterranean Flavors Blends
Tour the Mediterranean Region with two of our classic herb blends for your Italian, Greek and other Olde World Cuisines. They are our Mount Olympus Seasoning Blend and Tuscan Seasoning.

Salt-Free Blends
Who said No-Salt means No-Flavor? Not us. We crafted these tasty blends to add incredible flavor to all your foods & recipes. In this set, you will get our Herb Garlic Pepper Seasoning, Flipping the Bird, Garlic Rapture – No Salt and Lemon Pepper – No Salt Blend.

Sheffield’s Best Seasonings
Here’s a chance to sample 8 of our most popular blends to make all your recipes come alive. What this set contains is our British Pub Chicken Seasoning, Chipotle Honey Rub, Toronto Steak Seasoning, Parisian Café, Gold Rush BBQ Seasoning, Rick’s Casablanca Seasoning,  Tuscan Seasoning,  and Garlic Rapture.

Smoked Salt Sampler
Sample 4 different smoked salts from 4 different woods, each with its own characteristics and smokiness. They also define the regions where they are most used across the country. In this set, we’ve included our Mesquite Smoked Sea Salt, Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt, Durango Smoked Salt and Applewood Smoked Salt.

Steak & Beef Lovers
4 of our most popular seasonings for Steaks, Roasts, Burgers or any cut of beef. You’ll find our Smoky Steak & Chop Seasoning, Toronto Steak Seasoning, Tippin’ Cows Steak Seasoning and Gold Rush BBQ Seasoning.

Tour of the World
Let your taste buds explore the world with some of the most exquisite blends, hand-crafted for your pleasure. With this gift set, you get our Greek Isles Seasoning, Parisian Café, Toronto Steak Seasoning and British Pub Chicken Seasoning.

Vegetarian Accents
We crafted these great spice blends to compliment your vegetarian and vegan recipes. Great flavors from some our best-selling blends. They are very popular with non-vegetarian recipes as well. We’ve included in this set our Parisian Café, Garlic Rapture, Dill ‘n Company and Lemon Pepper-No Salt Blend.

Wild Wild West
Howdy there pardner! Lookin’ for some fixins to make your vittles mighty tasty whether at home or on the trail? Then stop right there. Our Wild Wild West seasonings will put some Giddy Up in what ya Rustle Up. Sprinkle some on your Steak, Burgers, BBQ, Chicken, Fish or whatever’s in your chuckwagon. With this set, we’ve included our Gold Rush BBQ Rub and Dusty Trails Steak Seasoning.

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Spice Set Gift Boxes

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