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Cherry Walnut Pesto Chicken Salad

cherry walnut pesto chicken salad
Cherry Walnut Pesto Chicken Salad

Cherry Walnut Pesto Chicken Salad

Our Cherry Walnut Pesto Chicken Salad uses pesto in a very delicious way.  Basil Pesto compliments chicken and the dried cherries.  The nuttiness of the pine nuts comes through just enough to add a little extra flavor along side the walnuts.

Like most chicken salads, you can make sandwiches with it, serve on a leaf of Bibb or Romaine lettuce, or just eat as is as a light side dish. It is made using our Basil Pesto Recipe. Our recipe uses Dried Basil, which is good when you can’t find fresh basil leaves. You can use fresh basil in our recipe if you have it. For our Pesto Recipe, please click HERE.

For a great sandwich, scoop about a ½ cup on focaccia or ciabatta bread. Top with chopped, roasted red pepper, which you can roast yourself or buy in the store, sold in jars. Add a piece of Romaine lettuce and you are set.

½ Cup Mayonnaise. You can use low fat if you prefer the taste.
⅓ Cup Plain Greek Yogurt
⅓ Cup Basil Pesto Sauce
1 ½ Tablespoons Fresh Lemon Juice
½ Teaspoon Sea Salt
½ Teaspoon Freshly Ground Black Pepper
4 Cups Cooked Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts, Cubed. Roasted tastes the best. We will buy a ready-to-go roasted chicken from the local market if we don’t have time to roast our own.
1 Cup Celery, Diced
½ Cup Chopped Dried Cherries or Cherry Flavored Dried Cranberries
½ Cup Walnuts, Chopped

Combine the mayo, yogurt, pesto, lemon juice, salt, pepper, in a large bowl. Use a whisk or large fork to mix it all together. Add the chicken, celery, cherries and walnuts. Gently toss with a fork to combine well. Serve on lettuce, as a sandwich or wherever you need delicious refreshing side dish.