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Garlic Roasted Brussels Sprouts

garlic roasted brussels sprouts
Garlic Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Garlic Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Garlic Roasted Brussels Sprouts are one of our favorite vegetables. And pan-roasting is an easy way to get the oven roasted flavor in a few short minutes. That’s why we will buy extra Brussels Sprouts in the Fall and freeze them when they are in season. Then we can enjoy them throughout the year. We will use various seasonings, like our Parisian Café or Herb Garlic Pepper Seasoning, but we use our Garlic Rapture more often. The garlic, onion and other spices turn ordinary Brussel Sprouts into a roasted, savory side dish that we’ll eat with just about any entree. And since we blend a Garlic Rapture Salt-Free version, even our friends who are on salt restricted diets can turn bland vegetables into tasty, creative side dishes.

This version of the recipe uses bacon to add an extra savory touch. If you want to make it a vegetarian or vegan side dish, eliminate the bacon and add a little extra olive oil to roast the Brussels Sprouts. Try to buy them all the same size so they will cook evenly in the pan.

Serves 4

1 pound medium Brussels Sprouts, washed and cut half
4 Strips Bacon cut into 1″ pieces
2 Tablespoons Butter
2 Tablespoons Olive Oil
2 Tablespoons Sheffield’s Garlic Rapture
1 Teaspoon Sea Salt (optional to finish)
1 Teaspoon Freshly Ground Black Pepper (optional to finish)

In a large skillet (we use non-stick), cook the bacon pieces over medium heat, until the fat starts to render. Don’t let the bacon overcook and get too crisp. Transfer the bacon with a slotted spoon to a small plate or bowl. Cover with foil and keep warm.

Pat the Brussels Sprouts dry so they won’t splatter when you put them in the pan. Add the butter and olive oil to the pan with the bacon fat. If you didn’t use the bacon, add an extra Tablespoon oil. Add the Brussels Sprouts to the pan. Spread them out in a single layer. Sprinkle with the Garlic Rapture. Use a spatula or tongs to flip the Brussels Sprouts, coating them with the oil and spices.

Using the tongs or spatula, cook the Sprouts about 10 minutes, flipping them every couple minutes so they cook evenly and get golden brown on all sides. Watch so they don’t burn. Check with a fork so they are fork tender but not mushy. Add the bacon pieces back to the pan, cooking for another minute to get them back to pan temperature. Add optional salt and pepper to taste. Serve immediately and enjoy.