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Anise Seed Ground



Anise Seed Ground

Anise Seed Ground is a small oval seed and comes from an Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle Eastern plant which is related to dill, fennel and caraway.  Ground Anise Seed is not related to Star Anise though they sound like they are. Both do have a similar licorice taste with star anise being a bit stronger. Ground Anise seed possesses a sweet, licorice like aroma while the taste is a bit fruity and warm.

Europeans use Anise seeds to flavor breads, cakes, cookies, and sweet fruit dishes. In India it is also found in fish and curries. Anise seed is also commonly found in French carrot dishes, Nordic breads, soups and stews.

Anise seeds are popular in a variety of sweets from many countries including Australian humbugs, Italian biscotti and pizzelle cookies and Peruvian picarones, which is like a donut. To add special flavor and texture to baked goods, brush rolls or sugar cookies with beaten egg white and sprinkle with Anise Seed before baking. You will also find them in fruit cobblers and pies.

Anise also is believed to aid in digestion, and like fennel, a few seeds can be chewed after dinner to freshen the breath and help digestion and is also a good source of iron. It is also used to infuse in teas.

We also carry Whole Anise Seed.

Contains: Anise Seed

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