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Black Cardamom Pods



Black Cardamom Pods

Black Cardamom Pods (Elettaria Cardamomum) are native to India and are often used in many dishes from Southern Asia. Cardamom is used in many Indian Curries, such as Garam Masala and others. Black Cardamom is dried over an open fire which provides its smoky aroma.

Cardamom is the third most expensive spice after Saffron and Vanilla. Each pod contains about 20 aromatic seeds. This spice is most commonly used in India and the Middle East. Black and Green Cardamom are frequently interchangeable. The black variety is felt to be superior for spicy and rustic dishes.

Their intense flavor makes them ideally suited to longer cooking dishes which have the presence of water & fat soluble oils. In addition to their use in Curry blends, black cardamom pods can be used in cooking soups, stews & casseroles. If you add toward the end of the cooking process the flavor tends to be stronger than when added at the beginning.

Cardamom is popular in rice pilafs as well as vegetable and meat curries. It is also a secret ingredient in rubs and sauces for braised beef.

Just as you would with Green Cardamom Pods, you can break open the pods & use the seeds whole or ground for a potent kick. Remove seeds from pods & grind seeds before adding to baked goods recipes or curry blends. Place crushed pods & seeds in cheesecloth bag for tea infusions. You can also grind the entire pod.

Chewing on the Black Cardamom pods can calm an upset stomach while sweetening the breath.

If you are looking for spice blends using Cardamom, we use it in our Madras Curry, Maharajah Curry, and Vadouvan Curry, just to name a few.

Contains: Black Cardamom

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