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Granulated Onion


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Granulated Onion

Granulated Onion is onion which has been dried then ground into granules. The flavor and aroma is intense,  very oniony, and you have the advantages of using fresh onions without the coarse texture. Recipes will ask for granulated, chopped, minced or powdered onion. Sometimes they can be substituted for each other, but sometimes you need a certain texture. Granulated onion works well in many recipes if they don’t specify which to use. If a recipe specifies a specific form, there might be a reason besides texture.

Use in spice blends, rubs, soups, stews and gravies. Sprinkle freely on beef roasts, chicken, pork dishes, vegetables, fish and other recipes where you need the onion flavor. Onion in granulated form also works well in BBQ and other sauces since it imparts the distinct onion flavor when you can’t use fresh onions.

We use onion in many spice blends where we want the onion flavor. Whether we use granulated or another form depends on the end result we are creating.

You can also dry toast the onion is a non-stock pan over medium heat to release extra flavor.  Stir and watch closely so they don’t burn.

We also carry Onion Powder, Chopped (or Minced) Onion and Onion Salt.  Try them all.  You’ll find the ways you prefer to use them.

Contains: Onion

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