Arrowroot Powder




Arrowroot Powder

Arrowroot Powder makes a wonderful base for cream sauces and gravies where you want a clear look, since arrowroot doesn’t make them cloudy as flour does. This also makes it ideal for use in clear glazes and pie fillings. It doesn’t lose its thickening abilities so it is an excellent choice for thickening acidic fruits.  It is also tasteless.

Arrowroot is Gluten Free and therefore is considered a Gluten-Free “safe food” by Celiac research and support groups. As with other thickeners, you need to mix Arrowroot with water before adding to gravies and other sauces. Mix 1 rounded tablespoon arrowroot powder into just a little cool water. Add to 1 cup gravy, or other sauce.

Contains: Arrowroot

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