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Hungarian Hot Paprika



Hungarian Hot Paprika

Hungarian Hot Paprika is made by drying and grinding a specific type of red pepper found originally in Central America. The peppers used for making all paprikas are closely related to the Pimento. The Spanish brought Paprika to Europe where the Hungarians quickly adopted it into their national cuisine.

Paprika is one the most widely used spices around the world. It is found in most cuisines in some form.  From Europe and Scandinavia throughout Asia and Africa to India and the Asian cuisines.

There many varieties of paprika and you can use any of the paprikas in any recipe that calls for paprika depending on your own tastes.  The flavor of the recipe might change a bit if you were to a smoked paprika for Hungarian or Spanish.

Some of the common recipes that you will find Hungarian Hot Paprika in are soups and stews, Paprikash, Hungarian Cabbage Rolls, Thai Curry Sauce, Hungarian Goulash. as well as in egg dishes, poultry and shrimp. It gives flavor and color to dishes. Paprika is used in cream based sauces and soups.

You also find paprika in many BBQ sauces and other spice blends.

We carry a full line of paprikas, including Hungarian Paprika, Spanish Sweet Paprika, and Spanish Smoked Paprika.

Contains: Paprika

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