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Lemon Juice Powder



Lemon Juice Powder

A little Lemon Juice Powder can be used to replace real lemon juice. Adding a citrus note can balance the best dish. Lemon powder intensifies lemon flavor. Ideal for use in your baked goods, sauces, or icings. Lemon juice powder is a must-have convenience item for your kitchen!  Lemon, lime and orange all compliment seafood, so a light sprinkle of the powder when grilling your fish will add that little citrus zing.

You can also substitute powdered lemon juice for any recipe calling for lime juice powder or zest.  The change from lime to lemon will change the citrus notes giving your recipe a different twist.

There are many Mediterranean recipes which ask for lemon juice, lemon zest or other citrus giving it the punch you find in Greek and other regional dishes.  The powder will give you the lemon zip without adding liquid.

If you fresh lemons? No problem!  Use 1 tsp. Lemon Powder for approx. 1/2 lemon. Use in drinks, dressings, marinades, desserts, smoothies, and any recipe calling for lemon juice.

We also carry Lime Juice Powder and Lemon Peel Granules, each with it’s own uses, but necessary if the recipe calls for it.

Contains: Lemon Juice Concentrate, Corn syrup solids, Lemon Oil .

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