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Orange Peel Granules




Orange Peel Granules

Orange Peel Granules or Orange Zest are made from the outer peel of the orange and not the pith, which is bitter. The orange peel is then minced and dried which captures all of the essential oils which possess that highly fragrant and potent citrus flavor. This is a time saver when you need the flavor of fresh orange peel, but don’t have any on hand. It is just as flavorful as freshly grated oranges. Many recipes will ask for the dried peel as it is more concentrated form of the orange flavor.

The zest is the part of the orange that contains the highest amount of oil which is why it is used in baking. Because the oil content is so high we recommend that you store your Orange Zest in jars. Orange Zest was most frequently called for in baking recipes. We are now finding it appearing more often in recipes such as marinades, vegetables, chicken, dressings, seafood and rice.

Orange Peel Granules can also be added to your teas to add an orange nuance when steeped.

For your other citrus needs, we also carry Lemon Peel Granules, Lemon Juice Powder and Lime Juice Powder.

Contains: Orange Peel Pieces

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