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North Carolina BBQ Rub



North Carolina BBQ Rub

We crafted our North Carolina BBQ Rub in the Western Carolina Barbecue tradition.  Western Carolina BBQ is more tomato-based with a sweeter flavor, but not too sweet, while Eastern Carolina uses more of a vinegar-based sauce with extra tang.  Our North Carolina BBQ Rub can be used as a Western or Eastern rub, with the sauce imparting the final flavor.

We blended brown sugar, chile peppers, garlic, other spices and a touch of cayenne for a bit of heat.  Try it one time and you’ll know why it is one of our most popular BBQ Rubs.  Use as a dry rub on your Pork Butt or Shoulder, Beef Brisket or Chicken.  You can also use on a pork loin roast, tenderloins or other cuts you grill.  It also works well on Salmon.

Rub about 1 Tablespoon per pound into your meat.  Refrigerate for 3-4 hours or even overnight if you have the time.

We have other Barbecue Rubs you might want to try, including our Kansas City BBQ Rub, St. Louis BBQ Rub, The Other Pork Rub, Backyard Barbeque Seasoning and Gold Rush BBQ Seasoning.  Each have their own signature flavors and each have their own loyal followings.  Try them all and taste which is your favorite.

Contains: Brown sugar, chile powder, sea salt, paprika, black pepper, cayenne and spices.

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north carolina bbq rub
North Carolina BBQ Rub