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Libbey Clear Glass Tea Mugs




Libbey Clear Glass Tea Mugs

Libbey Clear Glass Tea Mugs are a great cup in which to steep and drink your tea. We carry both their 10 ounce and 13 ounce sizes, because you never know when 10 ounces isn’t enough and 13 ounce might be too much. Clear cups are also a wonderful way to display your tea so you can look at the color, since tea drinking is as much visual as it is for taste and smell. Looking at the golden color of a black tea, the straw color of a green tea, the ruby crimson color of many fruity herbal teas, or the many other colors of teas, we personally enjoy the visual aspect of our tea.

Whether you are drinking tea, coffee, hot chocolate or your other favorite beverage, these Libbey Clear Glass Tea Mugs are a good size for a single serving whether you prefer the standard 8-9 oz or the larger 12 oz serving size.

We have sold these mugs in our store since we opened, and are very popular, but have not had them on our website for our first 6 years, mainly because the cost for us to ship them exceeds the cost of the mug.  But, we received many requests to buy and ship them regardless of the shipping cost, which is why we now have them on our online store.

If you like the visual side of tea drinking, then having one or more of these cups in your tea pantry might just be what you are looking for. Stop in and take a look.

If you are looking for an excellent infuser to use in these cups, take a look at our Mesh Pincer Ball for the smaller cup and the little bit larger 2″ Mesh Tea Ball.

Material: Glass
Sizes: 10 ounce and 13 ounce
Dishwasher Safe
Microwave Safe

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Clear Glass Tea Mugs

10 oz, 13 oz

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