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Poultry Seasoning




Poultry Seasoning

We crafted our Poultry Seasoning with the spices and herbs traditional found in a poultry blend, and it’s Salt-free. It makes an excellent rub on your chicken, turkey and Cornish Game Hens. Add it to your flour if you pan cook your chicken. Also use it to season the stuffing and gravy for these dishes.

Poultry Seasoning is also used to season all kinds of poultry recipes where you want a traditional sage/rosemary flavor. It adds a wonderful flavor to chicken casseroles and chicken & biscuits. Use in soups and stews. Add some to your chicken & dumplings and chicken pot pie recipes.

The same spices and herbs used to season poultry also make savory seasonings for pork recipes. So you can use our Poultry Seasoning on pork chops and pork roasts, as well as the stuffing.

As with all rubs, if you use as a rub, cover and refrigerate for 1-4 hours to let the seasoning flavors to develop.

Try taking one of your favorite recipes and just add a touch to add an extra flavor dimension to the dish. You might surprise yourself at the difference it can make.

We have so many other Hand-crafted blends for chicken, turkey and other poultry. They all work well with all poultry and most also are excellent with pork dishes. A couple examples are our Chipotle Honey Rub, Flipping the Bird, Backwoods Turkey and Sweet Turkey Wurky. We have others.

We also crafted a Citrus Brining Mix, complete and ready to use and a Citrus Brining Herbs Blend, so you can add you own salt.

Ingredients: Sage, Rosemary, Thyme, Parsley, and Spices.

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