Dried Shallots




Dried Shallots

Dried Shallots are a staple of well-stocked  pantries so you can have shallots at hand since they are in many cuisines extensively.  A member of the onion family, Shallots are formed more like garlic than onion, with a head composed on multiple cloves, each covered with a thin, papery skin. The skin color can vary from pale brown to pale gray to rose, and the off-white flesh is usually barely tinged with green or purple. Shallots are favored for their mild onion flavor and can be used in the same manner as onions. Our dried Shallots add the same wonderful flavor to recipes and fresh and are always available.

Used frequently in French cooking, shallots are found in omelets, vegetable dishes, salads, salad dressings, sauces, soups and on steaks. Versatile and easy to use, grind, crush or add whole to your favorite recipes calling for shallots. If you want to use them more like fresh shallots, or if asked for in the recipe, you can reconstitute them by covering with water and letting them stand for about 5 minutes.

Contains: Dried Shallots

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