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Star Anise Ground



Star Anise Ground

Star Anise Ground (Illicium Verum) is the powder version of a star shaped fruit from an Evergreen Tree that is native to Vietnam and China. These trees can bear fruit for over a century. The tree bears yellow flower that ripens into a brown star shaped spice. The Star Anise seeds are not as aromatic and flavorful as the pod. Star Anise is an important spice in Chinese and other Asian cooking. It is an essential ingredient in the Vietnamese dish phó. Ground Star Anise (or Anise seed) is used in blending Chinese Five Spice Powder. Star Anise and Anise Seed are not the same but both share Anethole, which is the essential oil which gives them both the Licorice Taste. Star Anise has more of a robust flavor than the Anise Seed.

In Indian cooking, Star Anise is used to make Masala Chai tea and biryani, which is a meat and rice dish. In Thailand, it is used to make various iced tea drinks.

Use Star Anise in barbecued or roasted chicken, poached fish or shellfish, fish stews, light soups based on clear broth, rice pudding, steamed cabbage and braised leeks. For a spicy sweet flavor add a star inside the cavity of a whole chicken or duck before roasting.

A favorite in baking, it is widely used in apple recipes likes pies, as well as in breads, and ginger cookies.

We also carry Whole Star Anise.

Contains: Star Anise Ground

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Star Anise Ground
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