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Lemon Twist Salt



Lemon Twist Salt

Our Lemon Twist Salt just like Lemon & Salt flavors go together like peanut butter & chocolate. They make a perfect flavor pair. That’s probably why our Lemon Salt is the most popular flavored salt we sell.

Imagine fresh lemon, not just the oil, intermingled with a premium sea salt creating the ideal flavor combination. This is an essential salt for seafood lovers, bartenders and pastry chefs. Both kids and adults can appreciate the addition of Lemon salt to their meal.

Use our Lemon Twist Salt to top desserts.  As a drink rimmer for your Margaritas, it can’t be beat.  Sprinkle on fresh fruit, seafood, pasta dishes or use as a finishing salt on seafood, chicken or pork dishes.  The uses are endless.

We carry many salts for all your cook needs. These include Powder Salt, Mediterranean Sea Salt for your general cooking needs, Kosher Flake Sea Salt, Coarse Grinder Size Sea Salt, Himalayan Pink Coarse Grinder Salt, Himalayan Pink Shaker Grind Salt, as well as Hawaiian Red and Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salts, and Sel Gris and Fleur de Sel French Salts.  We also carry many Flavored and Seasoned salts as well as several Smoked Salts.

Contains: Sea Salt and Lemon

Additional information

Weight 3.000 oz

3 oz 1/2 cup jar

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Lemon Twist Salt