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Tuscan Seasoning




Tuscan Seasoning

Our Tuscan Seasoning has all your favorite Italian herbs, plus a little Red Pepper Flakes for a little kick. We have found many exciting applications for the Tuscan Seasoning. Besides being one of the tastiest bread dipping blends to add to your dipping oil, it has become one of our most versatile seasonings.

It will add an extra measure of zip to your Italian sauces. Add a couple tablespoons to a quarter cup of water and a quarter cup of olive oil to make a great steak and chicken marinade. Or just sprinkle on a steak or chicken breasts before grilling or sauteing.

We also use it as a pork chop rub to add an Italian twist to your recipe. We have also mixed the Tuscan in ground beef, chicken turkey or your favorite protein crumbles for burgers on the grill. Try it in your meat balls for your next spaghetti dinner.

We use Tuscan Seasoning when we saute or pan roast vegetables, as well as sprinkled on vegetables and potatoes around roasts, chicken and turkey in the roasting pans.

Add to your scrambled eggs or mashed potatoes. The list continues… Find your own special use and let us know, so we can pass it along.

If you like our Tuscan Seasoning, then you need to try our Mount Olympus Seasoning, which has a Greek-leaning profile, and equally popular.  Just as we added some zip to our Italian Seasoning, plus a few extras to create our Tuscan, we did the same to our Mediterranean Seasoning, to create our Mount Olympus.  Try them both for yourself and see why they are so popular.

Ingredients: Garlic, Sea Salt, Oregano, Basil, Crushed Red Pepper, Black Pepper, Onion and Spices.

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