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Cape Cod Cranberry Rooibos – Rick’s Tea Face 11/01/2022

Cape Cod Cranberry Rooibos 11-01-2022
Cape Cod Cranberry Rooibos

Cape Cod Cranberry Rooibos – Rick’s Tea Face 11/01/2022

Since we’re deep into Autumn, I’m still drinking tea which have Fall flavors or are somehow connected to the season…so here’s one more. This is Cape Cod Cranberry Rooibos, our newest tea. I wish I had a clear cup this week so you could see the color. Rooibos has a nice, nutty brown color and underlying taste. Our blender added a smooth, cranberry flavor, which comes through nicely.

So, for those of you who aren’t familiar with cranberry season, they are harvested in the Fall, which adds them to my Fall flavor list. Of course cranberries are a must-have on our Thanksgiving and Christmas table. Yours too? New England is a prime cranberry-growing area, hence the connection to the Cape Cod name.

We had a Cranberry tea several years ago, which was quite popular, but was discontinued. So when we found this Cape Cod Cranberry Rooibos, we knew we had to bring it in. Cranberry adds one more flavor to our berry collection, and with Rooibos being herbal and caffeine-free, you can sip it all day long. And for good measure, rooibos is a very healthy beverage, loaded with lots vitamins and nutrients.

Still need more information about Cape Cod Cranberry Rooibos? Please click HERE then stop by our store or pick up some on our website. Now, back to my cuppa. Cheers!