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Baltimore Pit Beef Rub



Baltimore Pit Beef Rub

Baltimore Pit Beef Rub, also known as Maryland Pit Beef or just Pit Beef is a traditional beef sandwich on the East Coast, not unlike pulled pork or beef brisket is in the South and in Texas.  It is made by using the Eye of Round Beef cut, well charred over direct charcoal or gas flame, then indirect cooked for only about 45 minutes.  It is sliced paper thin against the grain and piled high on an Kaiser Roll and topped with fresh, horseradish-based Tiger Sauce.  Click HERE for both recipes and more information for both the Pit Beef and Tiger Sauce Recipes.

We like Pit Beef since it’s another version of BBQ, except its the way its made on the East Coast around Maryland.  It has a great BBQ flavor, makes a great sandwich, but instead of taking 8 hours of slow smoking, it only takes about 30-60 minutes depending how well you want your meat cooked.  Also, the flavor that comes through is from the well-charred crust you set up first by cooking each side for a few minutes, then finishing the cooking it Indirect until done.  The flavor cooks in and makes for an excellent sandwich.

Our Baltimore Pit Beef Rub is a flavorful seasoning, perfect for any cut of beef roast and as a steak rub.  We also use it as a Burger seasoning.

Use it on roasted potatoes, French fries and baked potatoes.  Sprinkle a bit on your steamed or sauteed vegetables for a nice kick.

If you want to great way to use our Baltimore Pit Beef Rub, check out our Steak Sandwiches with Savory Onions. The flavor will impress you. It might be the best steak sandwich you have ever had. It’s our #1 steak sandwich.  For the recipe, click HERE.

For traditional BBQ Rubs, check out our North Carolina BBQ, Kansas City BBQ, St. Louis BBQ, Gold Rush BBQ and The Other Pork Rubs, as well as our Backyard Barbeque Seasoning.

Ingredients: Seasoned Salt, Sweet Paprika, Garlic Powder, and Spices

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baltimore pit beef rub
Baltimore Pit Beef Rub