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Gold Rush BBQ Seasoning



Gold Rush BBQ Seasoning

We crafted our Gold Rush BBQ Seasoning to have a full, savory flavor you can use on just about any meat, seafood or vegetable. We used spices and herbs reminiscent of the seasonings the Old West trail cooks might have used on their grilled foods around the campfires during the Gold Rush days of the 1840’s to 1850’s. These would have included chile peppers, paprikas and others borrowed from the Spanish, Mexican and Native American cultures. The result is a delicious, complex flavor whether you barbecue, grill, rotisserie, bake, pan fry or even saute.

Use as a rub on your steaks, roasts, burgers, pork chops. pork tenderloins & pork roasts. Rub about a tablespoon per pound. Rub in well, refrigerate for 1-4 hours or even overnight for the flavors to really develop.

Makes a flavorful seasoning on your chicken, seafood, tofu or other protein. Use about a tablespoon per pound, rub in, and refrigerate for about an hour or two before cooking, if you have the time. If not, just sprinkle and cook. Use on your vegetables for a wonderful flavor rush to compliment any recipe.

Gold Rush can also be used as a creole, cajun or blackening spice. Once you try it, you’ll want to use it on all your BBQ and grilling dishes.

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Contains: Sea Salt, Pepper, Sugar, Paprika, Chile Powder, Onion, Garlic, Herbs & Spices.

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gold rush bbq seasoning
Gold Rush BBQ Seasoning