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Blood Orange Balsamic Vinegar


We don’t ship Oils and Vinegars during the extreme, hot Summer temperatures, so please don’t place any online orders. If you do, we will cancel or refund your order.  In the meantime, please stop in and purchase your Oils and Vinegars in our store. Thank you for your understanding.


Blood Orange Balsamic Vinegar

Blood Orange Balsamic Vinegar has a little extra zip than a traditional orange balsamic vinegar. Blood oranges have hints of raspberry, giving it a fuller flavor. The Blood Orange flavor difference is why we also carry Blood Orange Olive Oil. The oil’s popularity causes us to run out periodically.

We also carry a Blood Orange loose tea has this fuller orange flavor as well, making it a very popular flavor.

The orangey, citrusy flavor of the Blood Oranges make this balsamic vinegar perfect for use with citrus salads or in citrus vinaigrette. Just drizzle some over a citrus salad of oranges, apples, grapes, maybe kiwi and grapefruit, or whatever is is season.

Finish your chicken with a drizzle of vinegar. In the pan, it will act as a glaze. Orange and chicken go very well together. Try it on some grill pork chops as a baste near the end.

The same goes for seafoods, like shrimp, salmon or other white fish.

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Ingredients: Grape Must, Red Wine Vinegar, Natural Flavors.

Contains naturally occurring sulfites from raw materials. Processed in a facility where nuts, soy, eggs and milk are processed.

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Blood Orange Balsamic Vinegar