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Bone China Tea Cups



Bone China Tea Cups – with round boxes

Bone China Tea Cups and Teapots are so British, so ….. tea. The thin edge gives a distinct tea sipping experience. We have many friends who will not drink their tea from any cup unless it has a thin rim. We’re that way ourselves if we have a choice, as we do at home.

These beautiful tea cups are so elegant. The flowers look almost alive. They also come with their own beautiful box, also decorated with the same flowers. Use the box to store the cup when not in use. As a gift, you don’t even need any wrapping the paper. The box says it all.

Fine china, has been a medium for artists to decorate with flowers, portraits, landscapes and just about anything they feel make for a small piece of art. Bone China today is painted with just about anything, but the constant is the thin, delicate feel. This is why it has been so popular since the process was created.

Bone China is the “gold standard” of pottery. Composed of about 50 percent cattle bone ash, it is stronger than porcelain, and like fine porcelain, can be made into thinner, more delicate objects. First made around 1748 outside London, the technique gained popularity in Stoke-on-Trent, which was and still is considered the pottery center on England. Josiah Spode (yes, that Spode), refined the process in the late 1700’s, which led to many other companies making it as well as its popularity grew.

Today, bone china is made in many countries. Its popularity continues to grow among collectors, for use in wedding dishes, and in fine tea sets. The cost of fine bone china is more than porcelain due to it cost to produce, but for the fine detail and care going into painting and creating these fine pieces, it becomes family heirlooms to pass on for generations.

For steeping, we like using the Mesh Pincer Tea Ball for single cups.  They are easy to use and reasonably priced.  And while you are in a British mindset, try our English Breakfast Tea.  It is full flavored and will stand up to milk if you are wanting to complete the experience.

We buy our Bone China Tea Cups in limited quantities, so we can sell out of a particular model faster than we can update our website. If you want to order a particular style, you need to call or email us first at [email protected] before placing the order to make sure we have it in stock and avoid us having to refund your purchase. Because of the fragility of bone china, these beautiful cups & saucers and tea pots should be purchased in person to avoid the potential for breakage, since we know how carriers can handle fragile packages.

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Bone China Tea Cups

Rose, Butterfly, Wild Flower, Bird

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