Canadian Ketchup Seasoning




Canadian Ketchup Seasoning

Our Canadian Ketchup Seasoning is just like you find on potato chips and other snacks in Canada. Canada’s love of ketchup goes back as long as there has been ketchup. Once it showed up as a powdered snack seasoning, it took off and continues to grow in uses and popularity. It has even crossed over into the US, and is popping up everywhere.

We crafted our seasoning for a savory ketchup flavor you can use just about anywhere you want the ketchup flavor but may not want it in liquid form.

Some of the most popular uses. Sprinkle on your potato chips or hot popcorn. Warm the chips first to stick better. Add a dash on your French fries, tots, and onion rings. Add some to your baked potato, rice, pasta or other veggies where you might add a bit of ketchup for flavor. Sprinkle a bit of Ketchup Seasoning on your eggs. Adds a great flavor when added to your burgers, steaks and grilled chicken.

As you can see, if you love ketchup, you can use it anywhere you love to use ketchup. If you are new to the powdered Ketchup, you’ll have fun trying it maybe on your fries and chips first, as you find across the border. From there, the possibilities are endless.

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Ingredients: Contains: Tomato, Sugar, Onion, Garlic, Vinegar, Paprika, Salt, Nutritional Yeast, Spices

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