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Clove Sugar


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Clove Sugar

Clove Sugar brings together the sweetness of real cane sugar blended with the flavorful spice of real cloves to give you a very versatile sugar, which is used by chefs around the world to create or accentuate many recipes from entrees and side dishes to desserts and beverages. Clove by itself adds an exotic taste to many dishes.

Over the centuries, the clove was considered so exotic, it sold for its weight in gold. Thankfully they don’t cost that much now. Originally from Indonesia, called The Spice Islands back in the spice trading days, cloves made their way into many cultures around the world such as India, Mexico, and across Europe. Clove has made itself at home in many of these country’s cuisines.

Use Clove Sugar sprinkled on grilled meats. It is, of course a natural to add to baked or grilled ham and pork dishes. Mix with some cinnamon and ginger and you have a perfect Thanksgiving or Christmas spice.

It also makes a great addition to your vegetable dishes like carrot, squash, sweet potatoes as well as on desserts like carrot cakes & muffins, pumpkin pies, spice loafs and sugar cookies.

Clove Sugar is also used as a drink topping for Egg Nogs, Lattes, and rum-based drinks.

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Contains: Cane Sugar, clove

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Weight 3.0 oz

3 oz 1/2 cup jar

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