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Dark Cocoa Sugar


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Dark Cocoa Sugar

Dark Cocoa Sugar is chocolate sugar. Any questions? What a great combination of cane sugar and cocoa. It has many uses and how many ever we suggest, we’re sure you will come up with so many more.

From the cacao trees of South America, the resultant chocolate is one of the most beloved flavors in the world. Used in desserts and main dishes alike, whether sweetened or used in a more bitter dark form, we’re sure you can further satisfy your cravings with just a sprinkle or dash here and there. Here’s a few ideas where to use this flavorful Dark Cocoa Sugar.

In main dishes, add some to your favorite Mexican mole or Southwest Chili. Chocolate and cocoa is a staple in both recipes. Where you now add a drizzle of chocolate syrup like waffles, pancakes, French Toast or over strawberries, sprinkle some Dark Cocoa Sugar. The flavor twist will surprise you.

Add a few dashes on your ice creams, fruits, or as a rimming for Holiday drinks like Egg Nogs or cream-based libations.

If you are looking for more sugars to tempt your sweet tooth, check out the rest of our sugars HERE.

Contains: Cane Sugar, Cocoa

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Weight 3.0 oz

3 oz 1/2 cup jar

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Dark Cocoa Sugar