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Pure Maple Sugar Granules



Pure Maple Sugar Granules

Pure Maple Sugar Granules are made by extracting the water from Pure Maple Syrup, then broken up into these small granules. Nothing is added, so all you have is Pure Maple Sugar. With its low moisture content, our sugar has up to a 2 year shelf life, if you store it in an air tight container, away from light and heat.

We buy our Maple Sugar directly from a family company in Vermont, who have been harvesting Maple Syrup for 7 generations, ensuring that they have the expertise to deliver the highest quality maple products available anywhere.

Maple Sugar Granules are used as a sweetener where you want the sweetness of sugar, but the distinctive flavor of maple. Maple Sugar is used extensively in baking. The maple flavor adds a flavor dimension without adding the liquid of maple syrup. You can use them in spice blends, BBQ rubs and sauces.

You can also use Maple Sugar as a sprinkle on cookies, cupcakes, oatmeal and other desserts. You can also use it as a sweetener in your coffee and tea, as it is used in Canada by many.

For vegetables, Maple Sugar adds a rich maple flavor on carrots, potatoes, root vegetables and others where you need a touch of sweetness but not overly sweet.  Click HERE for a Maple Glazed Carrots Recipe which makes delicious use of maple.

Maple Sugar is also used as a sprinkle or to make a glaze on oven-baked hams, grilled ham slices, pan roasted pork medallions, braised short ribs, and other savory entrees.

Try using our Maple Sugar Granules in other ways you use refined sugar, brown sugar and other sweeteners. You might have to adjust the amount you use to adjust for the right level of sweetness, but that might be part of the fun adding the distinctive flavor of maple to your recipes.

We also carry Demerara Sugar which also gives a unique, light molasses flavor.

Ingredients: Pure Maple

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