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Dill Seed


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Dill Seed

Dill Seed and Dill Weed, are both from the dill plant which is one of those very rare plants that produces both an herb and a spice. The flavors and characteristics of the seed and the leaves, or weed, are completely different and used in different ways by chefs. They are not really interchangeable.

You will find both the Seed and Weed used together in pickles, vinegars, dressings and other dishes where the flavors of both are needed.

Dill is found in most European cuisines. You will find it in potato salads, in sauces and toppings for seafood dishes, as well as in soups, stews and as a flavoring for creams and butters. It is also commonly used in breads and in some cheeses, like Havarti.

It is also used in Middle Eastern, Indian and Asian cuisines in various fish, meat and vegetable dishes.

We also carry Dill Weed.

If you are a dill lover, we carry a number of spice blends with dill being part of the primary flavor.  Please try out Dill ‘n Company, Paris Seasoning, and our Dill Dip Mix.

Contains: Dill Seed

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