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Dill Weed


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Dill Weed

Dill weed refers to the stem and leaf of the plant while dill seed is the fruit of the plant. Dill seeds are most often thought of as a spice while the weed is considered an herb. The seeds have a much more powerful flavor but each have their own place in recipes.

European cooks consider dill weed to be a key herb, where it is used liberally in salads, sauces, spreads, soups and especially in fish dishes, where it adds a fresh flavor. The Greeks use dill to season a summer cucumber salad called Tzadziki. This herb plays a starring role in German potato soup and cabbage dishes. As mentioned earlier dill’s real claim to fame is the dill pickle (and along with dill seed is used in pickling), but it’s also outstanding with breads,  dips, gravies, sauces and in salads (especially coleslaw, macaroni and potato), salad dressings, chicken, egg and meat dishes.

Dill is used with many seafood dishes whether sprinkled on the dish, or mixed with butter and other herbs and brushed on while cooking.

We also carry Dill Seed if your recipe calls for it.

If you are a dill lover, we carry a number of spice blends with dill being part of the primary flavor.  Please try out Dill ‘n Company, Paris Seasoning, and our Dill Dip Mix.

Contains: Dill Weed

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