Roasted Caramel Almond


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Roasted Caramel Almond

Talk about a sensory explosion.  When we opened the first bag of our new Roasted Caramel Almond Tea, the aroma set us back on our heels, it was so pronounced. It was like walking by a Roasted Almond stand at the State Fair or a street vendor’s cart. The aroma compels you to buy. The aroma from this tea had the same impact, except we couldn’t wait to steep our first cup. And when we did, the taste was just as good as the aroma.  The Caramelized Almond flavor was striking, combined with that same aroma hitting you in face, it was almost sensory overload. Not quite, but we were impressed.

Some describe the flavor as Almond Cookies, or Sweet Rolls or other delicious comparisons.  And you know what?  They are all right.

From the blending side, we have an acid-free base, embossed with the high portion of sweet apple pieces. Its red color tint comes from the added beetroot. The flavors are from tempting, sweet, roasted, caramelized almonds. It is a taste experience which your nose and palate knows and loves from spring and summer fun fairs, the Oktoberfest and Christmas markets. You need to try it to determine if it’s your cup of tea. For a perfect taste impact brew the tea for 10 minutes.

So, if you are a fan of almonds and almond flavor as we are, then our Roasted Caramel Apple Tea might be one of your Go-To Teas.

This is very unique tea, so it is hard to compare it to other teas, but we do have several other teas which have caramel or almond flavors. Take a look at our Creme Au Caramel Rooibos, Almond Oolong Tea and Almond Rainbow Rooibos.

Ingredients: Apple Pieces, Planed and Crushed Almonds, Cinnamon Pieces, Beetroot Pieces, Flavoring.

Contains: Almonds (Tree nuts)

Steeping Instructions: 10-12 minutes 203-212 °F 1-2 level tsp./ 6 oz serving

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