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Swedish Meatball Mix



Swedish Meatball Mix

Everybody loves Swedish Meatballs, so why not have a spice blend for the ground meat or plant-based protein crumbles of your choice? We thought it was great idea so we created one, and we love it. Our Swedish Meatball Mix is a savory blend of spices which will make your meatballs a hit with your dinner guests. All you have to do is use our Swedish Meatball Recipe for the rest of the dish and the sauce, or use your own.  The first time we made the our Swedish Meatballs, we realized we should have made a double recipe, they were so good.

Our Swedish Meatball Mix can also be used as a spice blend for your Beef Stroganoff, Meatloaf, or other meatball recipes. You will also find yourself using it as a spice bland for your burgers. Why not add some to your soup or stew for a savory touch.  We’re sure you’ll find other uses for this spice blend, especially if the recipe has a ground meat blend.

Our Swedish Meatball Recipe is available in our store as well as on our website. For the recipe on our website, please click HERE.

Contains: Minced Onion, Sea Salt, Garlic Powder, Black Pepper and Spices.

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Swedish Meatball Mix