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Whole Cloves




Whole Cloves

Whole Cloves are native to Indonesia, but are now grown in other countries including India, Pakistan, Madagascar, Tanzania and Zanzibar. They are used in many cuisines around the world. Clove is also used for traditional medicinal purposes, essential oil, perfumes and incense. But most us know it for flavoring our foods.

In the United States, we use whole cloves quite often to flavor our hams and other pork dishes. We also use them in baking to spice up our cakes, pies, custards as well as in spiced apples, pears, crab apples and other fruits.

They are used in British and Indian chutneys and relishes. You will find them in European and Asian beverages, including teas, wines and liqueurs. They are a key ingredient in a number of our own teas, like our Mulled Spice Black Tea and Mulling Spices which are used to make a hot apple cider drink or to spice red wine.

In Indian, African, Asian, and Middle East countries, cloves are used in marinades, curries and meat dishes. Cloves can be used where you want a little extra spicy, savory kick, like soups and stews.

We also carry Ground Cloves if you need to add them to a spice blend or if the recipe calls for them.

Contains: Cloves – Whole Fancy Hand Picked

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Whole Cloves
Whole Cloves