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Citrus Burst Iced Tea – Rick’s Tea Face

Citrus Burst Iced Tea - Rick's Tea Face
Citrus Burst Iced Tea
citrus burst
Citrus Burst Herbal Tea

Citrus Burst Iced Tea – Rick’s Tea Face

It’s cooling down, but Iced Tea knows no season. We drink iced tea all year long, and since we have many fruity herbal teas from which I can choose, I still play favorites. That’s why I had a taste for our Citrus Burst Iced Tea today. It’s the only herbal tea we have with an orangey-fruity profile, with some pineapple and other citrus for an even larger flavor. Very crisp flavor as well. And as our friends know, I love the look of herbals teas with some hibiscus, since they have this wonderful crimson color. Take a look HERE.

Remember too that all of our teas, including Citrus Burst are excellent hot, any time of the day, or season of the year. Once you’ve looked at it, and tasted it, you might have found a new tea for your tea pantry. Cheers!